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The o, l, and i are significant


Siena’s been suffering from her first significant viral infection this past week. We even had to take her in to the pediatrician on an emergency visit, since day care called and said she should probably get seen. Turns out she has bronchiolitis. When we took her back to day care the next day, I was very careful to enunciate that, to make sure they knew it wasn’t the seemingly related bronchitis. I don’t know, for some reason, bronchitis sounds worse. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard of it, whereas I hadn’t heard of bronchiolitis. Surely ignorance means it’s less important, right? Well, the pediatrician did say there was nothing specific we had to do to treat her, whereas the bronchitis article suggests a doctor might offer some cough medicine…

Anyway, she’s on the road to recovery now, and while mom and dad are pretty tired out, baby is very cheerful again, and smiling all the time.

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