The Ruark Kids

Happy Five Months!


Siena turned five months old today. Time is just a-flying. Mom’s friends from school wondered where the fourth month went, as no one can remember that one.

For her month-day, we took Siena to Target and bought her a high chair. This was our first all-family shopping experience. Dad pushed her through the store on her stroller while mom pushed the cart, which we filled with a variety of goodies, including a new window seat for the cat. Sadly, Siena wasn’t feeling too well today, and she slept through the entire episode, from just after getting put into the car to leave the house until well after we arrived back home.

Here is a shot of Siena helping dad put the high chair together. More classic moments ensued, including “I have to attached this to what?” and “Where did that little screw go?”


Oh, and the high chair was a huge hit at dinner. It’s like her throne now.

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