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Not yet sleeping through the night

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Well, we’ve tried letting her scream it out, and sometimes that works, but the best we’ve been able to do so far is that this week Siena’s finally started going from 9pm to 5am without eating anything. When she gets up we still eventually need to give her the pacifier most of the time, but we have gotten her to go back to sleep without chow. So I suppose that’s progress. But we’re still getting out of bed twice a night, and it’s really starting to wear on us.

Our goal of course is to get her pacifier free or to the point where she can find her own pacifier and get herself back to sleep. We hope either happens soon.

Both baby and daddy are currently sick, coughing up storms. Spring can’t come quickly enough.

On the plus side, mom’s last lecture was today, and last two exams are next week, and then that’ll be it for in-class activities, after 5 (or is it 6?) years of various coursework. Wow!

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