The Ruark Kids

Siena works at the computer


I guess Siena has been watching her daddy work at the computer, because she really wanted at the mouse and keyboard today. So I fired up notepad and let her have at it. Here, for the record, is her very first typing effort:

ZBESSSSSSBg<$xcr^X T@DT^E^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^FFFFFFFFFFF ZJJY

Sadly she spelled ZBESSSSSB with one too many S’s, but she’ll get there.

She also left my keyboard in a state where it was like the shift key was permanently pressed. Every . was a >, and = was +. All letters were upper-case. Toggling caps lock made all the letters go to lower-case (though caps lock was enabled). I finally resolved it by tapping the right-shift key twice quickly…I guess that’s a short-cut to enable sticky-shift keys for accessibility purposes. Oddly, I had turned that functionality off in the control panel years ago, so who knows why it stuck…

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