The Ruark Kids

Two days and counting


We finally decided enough was enough.nopaci.JPG

No more pacifier. Cold turkey.

She’s got to learn to live free of addiction.

So starting Sunday morning we just dealt with all the screaming. The naps on Sunday were torturous affairs of screaming and crying and generally lamenting the rotten state of the universe (and Siena wasn’t very happy either). I don’t think they were very happy with us at day care. But Monday night was amazing…she got to sleep in about 10 minutes, not all of it in sheer terror at being left without her soothie. (And no, it wasn’t from sheer exhaustion, she had some good-sized naps during the day.) And overnight she got up twice, maybe, but neither mom nor dad had to get out of bed for her to get back to sleep. Ah, blessed sleep!

Let’s hope for more of that.


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