The Ruark Kids

I think we waived our right to sue


Siena got her first black eye today. Well, not entirely black, but somewhat bruised as you might be able to see by this picture.


Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of the other kids or any of the instructors (we think). She was sitting up and then decided to fall and totally miss all the pillows they had propped around her. She pitched forward and landed into a table, apparently. We’re just counting our blessings she didn’t bonk her nose or get hit directly in her eye.

And yes, I think we probably signed away the school’s liability, but that’s ok. They couldn’t have known she’d make a bee-line for the table like that. And she really is doing fine.

So far she’s sleeping it off. We’ll see if she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming “Adrian” and wanting glasses of raw eggs to drink.

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