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Passover and Easter Trip


We took Siena down to New York to see the family for a seder celebration for Passover and for some Easter delights on Sunday. What a weekend!

The trip down Saturday morning was a brisk three hours. We lounged about at Pops and Nonna’s for a bit, got lunch, and then headed to the city for the evening seder at Bart and Wendy’s. It must be said, the ceremony was highly informal, and skipped a bit. The food and drink was excellent, and the gift baskets for everyone in attendance were quite extraordinary. The signature moment of the evening, in my mind, was seeing cousin Jake talking about whether one branch of Christianity had ever had military conflict with another branch while simultaneously (Jake that is, not the Christian branches, that we know of) snuggling a stuffed-animal Easter bunny during a not-entirely-by-the-book seder.

Sunday we went down to Brooklyn (Siena’s 2nd time into New York City and dad’s first time to Brooklyn) to visit friends Devon, Max, and Shea and their parents. Siena was once again totally overwhelmed by everything, and responded by taking a nap in the middle of it all. Later she threw up–only her second time really doing that. It wasn’t pretty. We think she was generally over stimulated.

The drive back was pretty bad. We got caught in the north-bound holiday traffic, and the trip ended up taking four-and-a-half hours. Siena was not a happy camper, and didn’t nap nearly as much as we’d hoped. And she threw up again in the car, so that was kind of unfortunate since it was dark and there wasn’t much we could do until she got home. It wasn’t a very good ending to an otherwise delightful weekend.

We just hope she’s having a nice, relaxing day at day care!

P.S. I’ll get some pictures from the weekend posted soon.

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