The Ruark Kids



Recording this one for the, um, record books. Mom had her first all-nighter (is there supposed to be a hyphen there?) at school yesterday. Not the best way to spend Memorial Day, but definitely memorable in its own way; kind of a rite of passage. I’m hoping to get the run-down tonight on all the emergency surgeries that came in over the course of the day and night.

Dad had Siena from about 10am until bed-time, so to fill the day we–not necessarily in this order–napped, had lunch, played sitting with toys upstairs, played sitting with toys on the couch downstairs, played in the Exersaucer, walked down to the end of the driveway and back, napped, had snack, went shopping at Target and Borders, practiced rolling over on the bed while going after some plastic rattle balls (she actually wanted to roll over for once!), had dinner, went for another brief walk to check out the beginnings of the renovation next door, watched Manny hit a line drive home run and Youkilis hit an inside-the-parker (seriously that’s all we saw, talk about lucky timing when walking into the room), played in the Exersaucer some more, got ready for bed, choked down about 4 oz. of formula, read two books including a new one, and went to bed.

Oh and this is all coming on the end of a weekend that saw the onset of the first ear infection last Friday and a trip to the summer home Saturday and Sunday; with restless nights all along the way. So it was a busy holiday weekend. Who’s ready to get back to work?

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