The Ruark Kids

Splish Splash


Siena does love her bath time!


She especially likes getting water splashed in her face (as evidenced by the water droplets and the fact she’s not screaming). We like this because we like to think it means she won’t be averse to getting water splashed in her face. Like when standing in a rain shower, swimming in the pool, playing with water balloons, having a fire hose of gin and tonic shot at her face on a game show, that sort of thing.

Seriously, we saw that last one happen on a British game show called Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. One of the contestants had to guess the mixed drink after having it shot out of a fire hose at her face. It was tremendously funny. The show would also have a superfan segment that had a celebrity and a fan of that celebrity battle it out on trivia about the celebrity’s life, and the fan almost always won. Here’s a great segment on YouTube that features Cher, which should appeal to Mo at the very least, and demonstrates the point precisely if you watch from about 4:30 on (technically the fan should’ve won, and you’ll see why). But I digress…


  1. Siena,
    Thank you for the insight and direction to the
    YouTube site with Cher. You certainly are far more knowledgable on these things at such a tender age.You look very pretty all wet. Being happy about it can be a good thing. I can see your very tiny teeth on the bottom. BTW,”Splish Splash I was taking a bath…” are the lyrics to a song very dear to Mo and Granddad. And yes, John, you did digress a bit, but it is useful information.

  2. Hope it lasts…my kids both liked getting splashed for a while. Then they hit “the twos” and suddenly hair-washing became a major league traumatic experience.

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