The Ruark Kids

20 pounds, 30 inches


Siena had her 9-month doctor’s visit today. She tipped the scales at 20 pounds, 6 ounces, but since her diaper had a full load in it at the time (the nurse didn’t want to wait for me to change it first), I’m calling that 20 pounds even, as I expect diaper with payload is around 6 ounces. That could be wildly inaccurate however as I’m not prone to weigh the input and output or run balance equations.

At 30 inches long (I still think of Siena as having length instead of height), her doctor said, “she is off the charts but well proportioned.” The phrase “well proportioned” is one of those good things that just sounds bad, like it should be up there with “nice personality” and “pretty face.” Fortunately in this case it’s all good.

Finally, no shots this time, so generally a happier time had by all.

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