The Ruark Kids

Role Reversal?


Mo was in town this past weekend to help out while mom was in California for a graduation. It also happened to be the weekend of the 2007 U.S. Open Championship. This resulted in a curious turn of events, which made me look back and think, “How did we get here?”

Apparently Mo is really into how Tiger Woods does if he’s in the hunt on the third and fourth rounds. So we allowed a bit of television in order to check up on how he was doing against eventual winner Angel Cabrera. Sunday evening rolls around, and we have, in no particular order: Siena getting grumpy because of her pink eye, missing mom, and being tired; Siena’s dinner at 6:30; I need to run out and get our dinner by 7:00 in order to get back in time to get Siena into her bath; aforementioned bath on time in order to get Siena in bed on time; and Tiger woods slogging through the final holes in chase of a birdie.

I get back with our dinner, and then there I am, saying to Mo, in essence, “Stop watching television and come and eat or your dinner’s going to get cold.”

What is this, payback from 25 years ago?

It all worked out in the end, of course, except Tiger didn’t make the birdie putt on 18.

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