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What Goes Through That Little Mind?


I’ve noticed a very interesting and endearing trend when reading bedtime books to Siena. In one case it makes me think she’s developed her own consistent, sense of humor, and in the other case, well I just don’t know what to think.

In the book Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw and Margot Apple, every time I read the line “Uh-oh, jeep won’t go,” Siena giggles. Maybe it’s how I say it, maybe it’s the artwork, maybe it’s the fact that therein lies the central, ironic flaw of the woolly travelers, revealed on page 2 and causing all of their turmoil for the remainder of the book. On second thought, it’s probably how I say it.

In the going-to-bed classic Goodnight Moon, there’s a much more tender moment when we get to the page that has the toy house only and says, “Goodnight little house.” Every time, without fail, Siena reaches out and touches that page. She doesn’t touch any of the pages leading up to that one, although she has started touching some of the later pages. But this one has, for the past few weeks, always compelled her to touch it. It’s very sweet, and definitely a hilight of the reading session.

Also, she really helps with turning pages, and she clearly understands when she has failed to turn to a new page, because she will keep trying to turn the page until she succeeds. Sometimes I won’t continue reading until she turns the page, so book time can take a while, but usually she really has the hang of it, and knows when to reach out to turn the page and keep the story moving.

I have no idea what kind of cognitive development is underway, but it seems somewhat promising, at least.

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