The Ruark Kids

Speaking Update


Just four days ago (and just two entries down) I wrote that Siena needs to start in on her Mmm sound. Cross that one off the list! Just this weekend Siena added the following sounds to her repertoire:

  • Ma ma
  • Na na
  • Uh oh

“Uh oh” is a lot of fun; she must’ve said it a hundred times today. She has no clue what it means, but she’s always loved us saying it, and today she just burst out with it and we parroted it back to her and had a grand ol’ time.

Certain parties will be excited to put together the “oh” with either the Mmm sound or the Nn and Na sounds and imagine that Siena will be saying their names soon enough. We on the other hand are just worried about the Nn plus the oh sounds coming together and starting a whole trend of difficulties with eating veggies, going to bed early, doing homework, practicing piano, not staying out late, calling home frequently, etc. (all things that the previously mentioned parties will certainly view as just desserts I’m sure).

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