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Happy Birthday Siena!

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Happy One Year, Siena!

Unfortunately, Siena has a fever from a busy weekend and getting a flu shot yesterday, so daddy has to stay at home with her on her birthday. Which I guess is good in a way, but it always makes for a long day when she only naps for at most two hours total and otherwise requires near constant attention.

newsiena.jpgIn any event, it’s hard to imagine that one year ago at this time (10:30am while I’m writing this) we had been in the hospital for eight hours and would still have another six to go before Siena made her grand debut, followed by four days of hospital food and visits from Nonna and Mo.

For the record, I dreamt last night that we were at the hospital for child #2, and there was a good chance this one would end up being born on the 11th as well; it was dreaming in real time, and it sure was stressful. Add to that that Siena was up at midnight, 2 am, and 4 am (mom got up that time and stayed with Siena in her room), and it’s a tired household here today.

Thanks in advance to those who sent cards and/or gifts. They are much appreciated, and Siena will definitely enjoy them when she gets her little hands on them. Tonight we shall open everything and dine on cake!

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