The Ruark Kids

Tired, confident, or squalid?


Siena’s parents were one of these three last night. Here is the setup:

Our cat Tenzing (you’ve seen him before) awoke us with his growling at 5 AM this morning. Then we heard the squeaking of the mouse he was chasing. In our bedroom. Neither of us got up to try to track down the mouse; instead we let him hunt, which went on for at least another 20 minutes. When we got up, we couldn’t find a dead mouse.

Were we:

  • Tired? The past two days were really tiring because of Siena’s cold and trying to get her birthday celebrated, and we just wanted to sleep in another few minutes while Siena was sleeping in late.
  • Confident? Tenzing has caught thirteen mice total, five over the past week or so, so we felt assured he’d catch this one, too, and just let him have at it.
  • Squalid? We just can’t be bothered to track down a mouse in the house any more, what with everything else going on, and if it got away, then so be it. What’s one more mouse?

If I could figure out how to put a poll up (and had any traffic whatsoever), I’d let everyone vote. Personally, I’m going with tired.


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