The Ruark Kids

Talking Cats and Dogs


In addition to her powers of mobility, Siena has also been working on the powers of speech. This is her “cute activity of the week:”

Parental Unit: Siena, what does a dog say?

Siena: Bwoof.

PU: What does a cat say?

Siena: Eeooww.

This is no Clever Hans deal, either. At one point this morning, Siena saw Tenzing and said “Eeooww.” And if you ask her “what does a cat say” before prompting her with the dog query, she also says “Eeooww.”

On a different note, it’s really amazing to get glimpses here and there of just how much she understands of what we’re saying. Who knows what’s going to be rolling out of her mouth when the words start to flow?

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