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Toddler Time


We received a note from day care this week that Siena is ready to transition to the toddler room. This will be a bittersweet transition for us; of course it’s a great step for Siena, but we have really liked her instructors in the infant room. We’ll be sad to have to leave some of them behind (one of them is moving to toddler instruction at the same time). C’est la vie, as it were.

The toddler room looks like it will be a much more regimented experience. Napping at certain times, scheduled group activities, specific meal times, etc. No fridge, no way to heat food, so we’ll have to pack a real lunch with ice packs or a thermos for anything warm. On the plus side, they provide whole milk, so no more buying a gallon every three or four days, and some snacks here and there.

There are even little seats at little tables there, and the seats don’t even have seatbelts!

Oh and they have a little toilet area so kids can start to learn to use the potty too….oh boy. Did I mention before that there is still a lot to learn?

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