The Ruark Kids

Flu Shot


Siena had her second-round flu shot on Saturday. She was pretty well knocked out the rest of the day, feverish and sleepy. Sunday she was arguably back to normal, but (unfortunately for dad) normal these days means one little nap in the early afternoon, so she was a bundle of energy from 7am until 1pm. Not so good for dad since he too got a flu shot on Saturday, and his arm was hurting from that and then carrying and running Siena all over the place for six hours.

Siena also has four more teeth coming in, so she’s a real drool factory right now. At one point yesterday she had two separate streams of drool flowing, poor girl. And after her (short) nap she was in pretty constant pain for an hour or so, and let the world know it. She managed to calm down a little but always seemed on the verge of going back to sleep.

Finally, mom arrived home to save the day: smiles all around!

Oh and the Red Sox won the World Series! Go Sox!

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