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Turkey Day with the Grandparents

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Mo and Granddad visited for Thanksgiving last week, and a grand time was had by all. They arrived in town with Hannah Tuesday night for dinner (after a wet 11-hour drive), and reclaimed their worried dog Saturday morning to drive back home.

Siena had a great time napping with Mo in the glider. Dad tried to get Siena to nap on Friday afternoon and failed (much wailing was to be heard), but an hour later, Mo parked Siena in the chair and down she went for ninety minutes.

Meanwhile, Mo, Granddad, and Dad spent time in the backyard clearing out a wooded area that is designed for the dogs to run around in. Nalia just loved it, and spent a good chunk of the afternoon there eating sticks. Dad had much fun pushing around the DR Field and Brush Mower (and yes it does have the power to take down whole trees).

For Thanksgiving dinner we had the usual stuff, including turkey (a 10-pounder), corn-bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, string beans, homemade cranberry sauce, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, rolls, and probably other stuff I can’t remember.

The grandparents stayed at a local hotel so as not to overload our bathroom, so we had the joy of having the aforementioned woebegone pup all to ourselves at night. Unfortunately, we completely forgot to snap a photo of her with Nalia this year. Alas!

Siena finally warmed up to Granddad a little and even had a fun time hanging out with him while reading A Splendid Friend Indeed.

All in all it was a great visit, and while we missed the usual trip to New York to see the other side of the fam, being able to share our first Thanksgiving in over a decade with Mo and Granddad at our house was a very special treat, and makes up for the fact we won’t see them at Christmas since they’ll be helping take care of Siena’s aunt, uncle, cousin, and soon-to-be other cousin.

We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, too!

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