The Ruark Kids



We need some synonyms for “cutest thing ever,” because Siena keeps outdoing herself, and as uninteresting as it is for me to write she just did something super cute, I can only imagine how bad it’s gotten for what little audience there is here. Well, tough. She’s got another super cute thing she does.

Fortunately, Siena really likes reading books; or rather, having someone read books to her. When she wants to read something, her routine is: Walk over to the stash of books. Pick through them, throwing the ones that are obstacles to the one right book onto the floor in disarray. Take the one true book to parental (or other) unit and hold book out and up high until said unit grabs book from her hands. Then, an optional step, perhaps go back and find the real one right book, since that first one was just a teaser book; repeat the process to this point.

Then, assuming you (you now being the one who will read to her) are sitting on the floor, she turns around in your general vicinity so she’s facing away from you, and then she takes little baby (pun intended) steps backwards in what she thinks is your direction, and then she sits down. Her goal: Land in your lap. Most of the time she hits legs, feet, side of the lap, etc.

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty great experience to be on the receiving end of her backing up; she just needs a horn like a truck: Beep! Beep!


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