The Ruark Kids



Siena, to my mild disappointment, has never been much of a hugger. In fact, I have a draft entry here that I started some time ago and just never finished that was going to talk about hugs, and how they’re great, and I just don’t get enough of them (someone needs a hug!). It’s a little odd, since there’s plenty of (intra- and inter-species) hugging in our household, and we were told that kids like to imitate. (And she does seem to love to hug the dog and cats just fine.)

Well, Siena might not be so much into the hugging thing, but she has definitely decided to imitate another great show of affection, and that’s the big, wet, sloppy, noisy kiss on the cheek. Ask her for a kiss, and if you’re lucky, she’ll turn towards you, trying to hit your cheek but not really caring any longer at that point, plant her lips on whatever part of you is closest and facing her mouth, and say loudly, “MWAH.” Adorable! And yes, not as hygienically sound as a hug, that’s for sure.

It also leads me to the conclusion that we must be saying mwah every time we kiss her…I don’t know if that’s goofy or what…

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