The Ruark Kids

March 20, 2008
by John
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To add to the list of words from the other day, Siena actually says her own name, and points to herself in the process, presumably indicating that she has finally developed a sense of self and identity. It comes out … Continue reading

March 17, 2008
by John

Tower of Babble

Siena’s vocabulary has seen a sharp increase in breadth in the past few weeks. Our pediatrician said at her latest appointment that while we should understand most of what she says, we should expect that others will understand only about … Continue reading

March 11, 2008
by John
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Dr. Siena

Siena was caught reading one of her professional journals late today after coming home from school: Always good to see she’s keeping up with that continuing ed!

March 10, 2008
by John

Yes, please!

Last Friday, Siena uttered her first “Yes, please” in response to a question regarding whether she wanted (what else) some fruit. It came out more like “Yes …. peace,” but we know what she meant. The “please” was also accompanied … Continue reading