The Ruark Kids

Random Things


Some random things to remember later on:

  • The breathy “yes”
  • “Yes…please…ok!”
  • When she drops food on the floor, Siena will sometimes call out, “Nalia!” (This being what we have said in order to get our hairy vacuum cleaner over to clean up after she drops food on the floor.) It’s not clear she knows she calling the dog or is just saying what one says when you drop food on the floor, much like “Bless you” after a sneeze (which she also does).
  • She loves to read.
  • Siena identified the R, S, E, and O on the “Forester” label on the side of our car. We were gobsmacked.
  • Flapping arms so much she’s about to take off (in Siena’s sign language, a flap of the right arm means “please”; flapping both arms means “please very much”; flapping so hard she’s about to fly means “give me the damn waffle!”)

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