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Counting is such fun


I woke up a little late yesterday (usually I take Siena on Saturday mornings and sleep in on Sundays), and when I got downstairs, Siena’s mom informed me that she almost ran upstairs to wake me up because she was so excited and astounded by something Siena had done.

Her claim was Siena had, entirely unprompted and without assistance, sat in her chair during breakfast and quietly counted from one to ten.

I couldn’t believe it, and said I had to see it for myself.

Fortunately, twice more during the day she did it again. Holy cow!

Now, it seems almost certain that she doesn’t quite understand what “counting” is, a way of assigning cardinality to a set of discrete objects by naming or indicating individual objects. But, like saying the alphabet, it’s a huge step just to be able to do it, in order. I think of it kind of like helping her to walk initially: you are helping her get the muscles familiar and used to the activity, so that eventually they will work on their own properly.

Additionally, when reading a counting book, mom asked Siena, “How many X do you see?” and Siena started at one and counted up to the number on the page (and then often counted past the number, but that’s ok, because at least it’s connecting the “how many” question with the act of counting).

Being the more numerically-minded parental unit (mom is much more the language and verbal one), I had been getting a little worried that Siena might be lagging on the numbers side compared to her proficiency with the alphabet. I worry no more! (for now)

It was a pretty busy weekend, and I will try to post some pictures from our time spent at the Gore Place Sheep Shearing festival with Alexander and his parents.

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