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Employee Appreciation Time!


It’s employee appreciation month at Siena’s school, and we had the opportunity to leave some appreciative comments on their website. Those will eventually disappear, so I thought I’d log them here for posterity’s sake (some of these are in Siena’s voice…I hope it’s obvious which ones those are).

  • Hi Carol! I’ve been out of Infant One since January, but you took really amazing care of me for a year before that. My parents were so grateful to have you not only to help ease them into the day care process those first weeks, but also to get started as first-time parents. Love -Siena
  • Andrea – It’s always great to see how excited Siena is to see you when we cross paths at the end of a day. It really shows how important you were to her those first 15 months, and how much good care you took of her. We felt so much more at ease knowing she always had you looking after her.
  • Hi Becki! It took Siena a while to get used to have you around in the morning after just being with Carol, but eventually she warmed up to you, and we always knew you’d be taking great care of her. Thanks for looking after our little one!
  • Hi Lisa! You might think I don’t like you since I always seem to cry when my parents drop me off with you, but that’s not the case. I really love all the stuff you do for me and the fun activities we have. It’s helped me to learn all sorts of things my parents would probably never think of!
  • Pat – Thanks for taking care of Siena in Toddler Three. We always know Siena will be having a good day with you there. Now if you could just teach us your nap secrets so we could get her to sleep longer on the weekends!
  • Samantha! We’re really glad that you made the transition from Infant to Toddler with Siena, not only for consistency in her transition, but also because you’re doing a great job with her and her friends! We’ll all be sad and miss you when you graduate and move on, if that’s what your future holds.
  • Marna.” Yours is one of the names I love to say the most, and I love seeing you in the mornings when I arrive, you’ve been so good to me! Bright Horizons is truly fortunate to have you on the team, and I hope you stick around to see me grow even bigger and taller. Love! -Siena
  • Julie, you’ve assembled a really great team for me in Boxborough. My parents were nervous about having me be one of the first children in a new center, but it’s been even better than my parents or I imagined it would be. Thanks for everything! “Bye bye Julie!” See you tomorrow!

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