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Yeep Yearing

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This past weekend we went to visit Siena’s friend Alexander and his parents. Alexander is a month older than Siena. Before they were born we had already arranged their marriage. They will have beautiful children. (Note for once you should be able to click on these images to view larger versions.)


After a yummy brunch of waffles, bacon, and duck eggs (thanks Alexander’s mom and dad!), we went to the Gore Place sheep shearing festival (sadly they’ve already 404’d the link on us, the bums). The kids and moms here watch the main event (to us), which wasn’t, despite the branding, sheep shearing.


And here it is. This whole thing seemed like a classic bait and switch. Get the people in to see sheep getting shorn, and instead hit them with arts and crafts booths and food stalls to make them part ways with even more of their money. Oh and also give them a border collie show:


The dogs were pretty awesome to watch, and they kept the kids’ attention for a while, too. They were herding goats, sheep, and then even ducks (all at the same time).

Siena, though, loves to twirl around, and she and mom had plenty of space to get dizzy!


And finally, Siena and mom rest while watching the dogs again.


If I had known how much there would be to do at this place, I would’ve brought a hat and sunscreen. Who thinks they’ll get a sunburn in April?

P.S. The title of this post is a reference to how Siena pronounces “sh” when it starts a word. Hearing her pronounce the book “Sheep in a Shop” (“Yeep in a Yop,” or just, “Yop”) is very funny.

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