The Ruark Kids

Wagon Tale


During dinner last night, Siena started informing me of what sounded like a wagon tale.

Siena: Wagon. Tale!

It was distinctly two words, but why she had decided to tell the story of a wagon I couldn’t say.

Then I realized she was pointing at Penny (our tuxedo kitty).

I looked down at Penny, who was as usual miffed that she hadn’t been fed dinner yet, and how was any self-respecting prim cat, especially one of her advanced years, supposed to tolerate such indignities as this, and what kind of household are they running anyway that food isn’t in my bowl by 6 PM sharp any more, my goodness the state of service in my empire has deteroriated and I really will have to do something about these humans, they just don’t understand my needs.

Where was I?

Ah yes, Penny was flicking her tail back and forth for some reason (I’m not really sure why), and I realized Siena was in fact saying:

Siena: Wagging. Tail!

She later duplicated this astounding feat by pointing at Nalia’s tail when she (Nalia) was having her (Nalia’s, though sometimes it is Siena’s) dinner and happily wagging her (Nalia’s again) tail and said it again.

To cap off a really impressive–in her parents’ simple and easily impressed minds–24 hours, Siena this morning heard Nalia barking outside and said:

Siena: Nalia. In.

Which we did.

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