The Ruark Kids

This one is for Deane!


So much has happened these last few weeks, and I’ve just not had the time to post any of it. I really must go back and chronicle mom’s graduation and then our fun trip to Arizona afterwards. Siena’s learned a ton and is doing some amazing new things, and I didn’t write about any of it!

Nonetheless, while the clock still reads May 31, I must relate that after my last post, I realized that May now tied my sorry record of most posts in a month. I idly wondered whether either of our dedicated readers would notice, and I also figured I really should just get one more post in there to get to 8 for the month. (Nevermind that if I do post the graduation and vacation stories I’ll probably back-date them.)

Then I found out that our great friend Deane was trying to send me an e-mail, part of which apparently was to tell me to get one more post in while it was still May.

So here you go Deane! Love ya!

Oh and Siena’s doing great. :p


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