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Best. Drop-off. Ever.

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(Still trying to figure out how to get some of the pictures I took in May into a format anyone can view; right now they are in RAW format and I can’t even view some of them on my 64-bit Vista boxes, grrr…and I know all you want are pictures anyway, so it’s been quiet on the posting…however…)

Today Siena had the best school drop-off in pretty much forever. Not only did she walk all the way from the car to her classroom (a first!), she didn’t cry at all in the transition from parental unit to teacher unit. And to top it off, she was so interested in her second breakfast (blueberries!) that she didn’t even bother looking or saying goodbye as I walked out (ok that part wasn’t so great, to be cast off and ignored like a cab driver).

Here’s hoping the pick-up with mom is just as good this evening.

And ok, here’s a teaser picture of Siena looking at the program guide at graduation. Look at that cute outfit!

Siena at graduation

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