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More Highway

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Siena has been asking for a lot of second servings of things recently, like more milk, more blueberries, more kix. Three that stand out are:

  • “More song” – She has a toy where you have to align a rotating arrow piece to a section of the outer rim and then pull down a handle to get it to play a song; anywhere else along the rim and it plays an animal sound. She’ll get the song randomly, and then after that say “more song” “more song.”
  • “More sauce” – Many things qualify as sauce currently: BBQ sauce, ketchup, salsa, and salad dressing. When presented with a “sauce” she likes, food becomes merely a sauce delivery mechanism.
  • “More highway” – I take the interstate to get from home to day care. Today after we pulled into the parking lot, Siena asked for “more highway.” She likes the big trucks out there!


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