The Ruark Kids

“Have a good night, Daddy”


Last night, putting Siena to bed, I said to her as I cradled her in my arms and lifted her into her crib, “Sleep well, Siena.” She whispered back in that precious sleepy voice she has, “Have a good night, Daddy.” Talk abot tugging at your heart strings!

This morning as I was leaving for work and she was setting up breakfast, I said, “Bye bye, Siena. Have a good day!” and she responded, “Have a good day, Daddy.”

Mom and I are just amazed at how she seems to be assembling phrases and sometimes whole sentences together. She might not know where each word begins and ends yet with “Have a good,” but she might, and she certainly knows the difference between night and day and where they go in that sentence. Fascinating!

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