The Ruark Kids

Random Phrases of the Day


Recent Siena utterances:

  • “All done with that one” – Finishing up an edamame pod and placing it back on the table (or more likely handing it to mom or dad).
  • “Mama find Penny. Penny upstairs.” – Said this morning after mom left the kitchen to go upstairs.
  • “Siena do it.” – When asked before brushing teeth, “Do you want me to do it?” and other times.
  • “Tenzing’s good boy.”
  • “Pop’s good guy.”
  • “Nalia good girl.” (see the trend? We tend to compliment our pets a lot; she manufactured the Pops one.)
  • “Nalia licking leg. Stop, Nalia!” – Entirely astute observation last night, and bonus points for the correct imperative.

Of course, while her enunciation is pretty great, these still don’t come out of her mouth as perfectly formed as they seem to read above.

Oh and how can I forget one of the cutest right now, when she wants to be picked up:

  • “Daddy, carryou!” said with arms outstretched (in the pick-me-up position) and on the verge of getting upset if she doesn’t get picked up. This naturally comes from many months of parents saying things like, “Do you want me to carry you” and “Here I’ll carry you” and the like. We’ve been working on “Daddy, carry me please” (which she says when prompted), but the whole me/you concept is a ways off still.


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