The Ruark Kids

Take it off


The past few sleeping sessions, Siena has started doing some things that we hope don’t become an unfortunate habit.

Saturday nap: Siena unzips her sleep sack most of the way.

Sunday morning: Siena is entirely out of her sleep sack when we go in to get her up.

Sunday nap: Siena goes down for nap wearing a diaper, a shirt, and her sleep sack. When we get her up, she is just wearing the shirt. The diaper is tossed aside on her bed. (The bed sheet, alas, hasĀ a stain.)

Monday morning: Siena goes to bed Sunday night wearing a diaper, a shirt, shorts, and her sleep sack. When she gets up, she is again just wearing the shirt. Status of diaper, sheets, and Siena is still unknown as I failed to ask mom (who got her up) whether she had pooped last night. She usually does during the night…

I guess it’s time to accelerate the potty training!


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