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Let me start by saying I love Hulu. If you haven’t heard of it, Hulu is a creation of NBC Universal and News Corp (FOX) as a response to their thinking iTunes was earning too much off their properties and a general distaste for copyrighted content sprouting up all over YouTube. So they created their own site with many NBC and News Corp properties available for free viewing (in 480 resolution no less), with a moderate amount of uninterruptible ads.

Hulu generally knows their audience, and not only is some of the television content really great–the entire run of Arrested Development, some of The Office, two seasons of Buffy [!])–but they have some great movies too like The Big Lebowski, Titan AE, Men in Black, and The Longest Day.

And now, they have The Fifth Element. This movie ranks up there with a couple of other movies that generally were critically panned, didn’t necessarily fare well at the box office, but stand among my personal favorites. I used to have the soundtrack and was terribly disappointed to lose it when we moved four years ago. The music is really great, the editing is very tight, Gary Oldman and Chris Tucker are excellent, and it has some surprisingly memorable moments.

One of which is basically a foreshadowing of Siena most nights at dinner, and is perhaps best if only briefly experienced as an infamous YTMND short: Actually you might prefer to watch the movie at Hulu and see the scene with the sound actually synced with the video and not repeated ad nauseum.


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