The Ruark Kids

Blanket the Dolphin


It all started with a blanket and a baby doll. Like the little parrot that she is, Siena wanted to cover her baby doll with a blanket just like we would cover her for nap or bedtime. And once she could really talk, it was always, “Blanket the baby.”

Eventually, it became,

  • Blanket the baby
  • Blanket the dog
  • Blanket the Siena
  • Blanket the daddy

This girl loves to blanket things! She even takes her washcloth (formerly known as “wah-koth” or something similar) and will wrap her bath-time plastic dolphins (they float and whistle musical notes when pushed down into the water, a simple yet exceedingly clever if not perfectly implemented concept), and call it “blanket the dolphin.” Never mind that the washcloth barely covers the dolphin, never mind that she often spills water outside the tub. That dolphin is getting blanketed!

She has been so comprehensive in her blanketing skills that we received reports from school that she’s recruited the other kids to blanket things. Apparently they will get into moods and spend hours blanketing things around the room.

We’re so proud of our little girl!


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