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Beach Day

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Siena had her first-ever day at the beach today. Mom and dad drove Siena up to Salisbury Beach and sat out in the sun for about an hour or so. Maybe it was longer. And really, only one of us sat at a time, as the other was always running after Siena as she chased seagulls or making sure she didn’t get washed out to sea.

Siena was pretty much a walking, giggling advertisement for Old Navy:

Siena at the Beach

It took a while, but eventually Siena allowed her feet to get wet.

Siena getting wet at the beach

After the beach, we went to Newburyport and bought some fresh Lemonade and then got some lunch. Newburyport in the summer (and maybe other times) is like a fair that runs every day; they have food stands and other fair-like activities (psychics, fried dough, that sort of thing) right in the middle of town. Siena was digging the a capella group that started a set on a small stage there while dad got lunch, but then it started to rain. And then it really poured. Fortunately we made it to the car before the big stuff hit, and on our way out we saw the singers all huddled on their stage trying to stay dry. No one was there to listen to them anymore.

On the way home we stopped at Kimball Farm for ice cream and to see the goats, roosters, mini-putt, and bumper boats. Siena enjoyed her cookies n’ cream ice cream (mom made the sacrifice and got an ice cream without nuts; my turn next time). Mom pointed out that the technical term for Siena’s eating habits today is “grazing.” She snacked throughout the day, mainly on O’s, grapes, blueberries, green beans, and ice cream. Yum!

Unfortunately, Siena never did nap today, so the rest of the afternoon, after we got home, was challenging. She turned into spastic, irate toddler. But she’s snoozing now, so all is good.

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