The Ruark Kids

Big Naps!


I suppose this weekend had some kind of perfect storm of nap conditions, because Siena slept two to two-and-a-half hours both days. It didn’t feel like we did anything especially tiring in terms of activities beforehand, but maybe Siena was so excited about having Mo in town that she just got herself all nice and tuckered out.

Even better, she woke up about an hour into each nap, and managed to get herself back to sleep each time. That’s got to be a first for at-home naps. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this could be the start of a trend. There’s such a substantive difference in what we can get done, and our mental well-being, between the hour nap and the two-to-three hour nap. It almost makes me look forward to the day when she’s a teenager and wants to sleep until noon.

Well, maybe not.


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