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Welcome to Coxsackie


Not only is it a town in New York (see the map), but it’s also a virus associated with hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), which is not what cows get. Boy that’s a┬álot of links.

Siena apparently has it. The virus, that is. We’re at home today (she’s napping now). Fortunately she isn’t troubled by it yet, except to periodically point out that her fingers, eyes, or neck hurts. While neck pain can be a symptom of the more serious viral miningitis, the doctor didn’t think that was it because she has very good range of motion still, and the neck pain is so infrequent. We suspect it’s from sore muscles that just come with HFMD. I sure hope that’s the case.

On the plus side, she should be able to go to school tomorrow if she doesn’t get a fever. Oddly, most sites say the first symptom of HFMD is, like with many things, a fever, but we haven’t seen one in Siena yet, though she has been a little clammy today.

Here’s hoping it clears up soon, though it could take 3-7 days still.

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