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We had some Bertucci’s pizza on Monday.

When we first started getting pizza that we expected Siena to eat, we got some pies from Papa John’s (parents’ guilty secret: we¬†love that place). Our first attempt included a pepperoni pizza and a veggie pizza. Siena wanted nothing to do with either of them. Siena was a little sick so we figured she just wasn’t feeling up to the task, since we are told she loves pizza during pizza-lunch Tuesdays at school. The next time we tried, she again wanted none of it! Even when I took off the pepperoni or veggies. We were very sad.

We switched over to Bertucci’s, and again she wanted nothing. No pepperoni, no zucchini and caramelized onion (yum), nada.

Finally I discovered Bertucci’s has a kids menu, which includes the “kid’s pizza” (i.e., a small cheese). One night driving out to visit the fam at the summer home, we found that she did enjoy that.

It seems like for now, she likes only the cheese pizza, unadulterated by toppings other than sauce and cheese (even formerly-adultered-but-no-longer is generally not acceptable). While still somewhat disappointing, we at least have a viable pizza option again.

The point of which being, on Monday she had three pieces of her cheese pizza and might have eaten a fourth if we hadn’t stepped in and offered her something else. That was a lot of pizza for such a little girl!

(P.S. The other thing we offered her was a classic warm Bertucci’s roll, so not technically an improvement over another slice of pizza.)


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