The Ruark Kids

Bed time!


Just before Thanksgiving, we set up a bed for Siena. She has slept in it inconsistently since then. Inconsistent in almost every way. Some nights she’s in bed, some nights in her crib again. Some nights she switches from crib to bed or the other way around in the middle of the night (with our help, of course, and usually sometime around what I might call “stupid late” and mama would call “middle of the night”).

So the following picture is not really truly representative of Siena’s relationship with her bed:

Siena in bed

That being said, her bed is quite a bit more snuggly than her crib, and we even have the opportunity to snuggle with her. This has resulted in some bad mama and daddy behaviors where we’ll snuggle with her for too long, and now it takes her a while, and several snuggles, to get to sleep at night. Time to break out the Ferber technique…

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