The Ruark Kids



We are now officially in the dog days of winter. There are large, plowed snow banks surrounding our drive way. Mama had to shovel out a path through it to our front door. The snow cover now is multi-layered, with compacted ice on the bottom, a couple of inches of soft snow, and a brittle ice cover on top from our last ice storm. More snow is expected tomorrow.

It’s hard not to think about the bright heat and fresh fruits of summer. In fact, I bought Siena some blueberries yesterday since she was pretending to eat blueberries from one of her bowls (“Want a blueberry daddy?”) and it just seemed like we all needed a little summer in our lives.

So to brighten the mood, here’s a picture of Siena from last July, taking a brief break from running around with cousine Izzie and blowing bubbles.

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