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If you’ve read the past three posts, or to be more precise, simply scanned the last three posts, and you are one of the two or three readers (that is, our entire readership not including Siena’s grandmothers) who haven’t already heard or figured out the news, then go back and check out those posts one more time. We’ll wait for you.

Yes, assuming everything continues along fine, Siena’s going to have a little sister this summer!

Mama is doing well, only showing a little so far (Siena has acknowledged that mama has a “baby belly,” a term that was used by one of her teachers at school). We are working at getting Siena prepared, though we aren’t really sure how much a 2.5 year old can internalize the concept until it literally throws up on her. Nonetheless, she has started calling her baby doll “my little sister,” so some of it is sinking in.

We’ll keep you posted as the date draws near!


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