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At 2.5 years, Siena defeated me in a logical argument on the way to school.

The scenario: Naturally, I’m in the driver’s seat (only literally though). Siena is in her car seat, which sits on the right side of the rear passenger seat (a bench seat). She got into the car wearing her hat and mittens. We have been listening to They Might Be Giants’ “Fibber Island” from No! Siena has removed her mittens and tossed them onto the passenger seat to the left of her. The lyric, “We hide mittens in our hair” has just played.

Siena: I don’t hide mittens in my hair.

Dad: No, you put mittens on your chair.

Siena: No I don’t put mittens on my chair.

Dad (preparing the logical conclusion he believes to be aiming for): Siena, where are your mittens?

Siena: There [pointing at mittens on the passenger seat].

Dad: And is “there” the chair? (Chair meaning the back seat).

Siena: Yeah.

Dad: The prosecution rests. Your mittens are on your chair, so you do put mittens on your chair.

Siena: No. [Tapping her car seat, which sits atop the passenger seat] This is my chair. That [pointing at the passenger seat] is this chair [by which she means, not her chair].

I laughed so much I simply could not refute her argument. I should’ve said she puts mittens on the chair, not her chair. Such a smart girl!


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