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For those unaware, Siena was pretty much named after the Italian city. Mama and Daddy visited there on our honeymoon back in 1999 as part of a bike tour of Tuscany, and it was one of our favorite places. We had a great dinner at a prix fixe restuarant, Cane e Gatto, that served something like six courses with a matched wine for each course. They sat five or six tables at 8pm, and we didn’t leave until after 11, I think. We also walked the grounds of the El Campo, climbed the tower, and maybe stopped to get some gelato.

But Siena was the middle point of or trip. Our arrival and departure point in Italy was Siena’s centuries-old sister city, and regional rival, Florence. Florence has a lot going for it, too, including Brunelleschi’s Dome. Florence is where our bike tour company (Backroads, we would take a trip with them ever year if we could afford to!) picked us up for our journey and then dropped us off at the train station at the end.

To celebrate this other favorite city of ours, and to celebrate the sibling rivalry these cities have had for ages, we’ve decided to name #2 Florence, so we’ll have both major cities of Tuscany covered.

(Needless to say, if #2 had been a boy, we’d have named him Gimignano! Good thing this is a girl, because Flo is bad enough, eh?)


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