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Siena would like to submit the following (edited) review of Kraft Catalina dressing, which she first had on last night’s salad:

I want more of that.

Let’s see: A salad dressing that is basically ketchup for salad. A girl that eats ketchup with her fingers even when perfectly good (insert one of chicken, bread, pork, green bean, french fry) is available to dip in it. What could possibly go wrong? Aside from catalina dressing all over her face? And hands. And placemat. Besides that, what?

We went with the full-bodied, bad-for-you dressing, which is based on soybean oil (that’s not too bad, right?), tomato, and sugar, rather than the fat-free one which uses water, high-fructose corn syrup, and regular corn syrup. I figured she doesn’t have that much of it, she’s two, and I’d rather put soybean oil and sugar in her than corn syrup varieties. Maybe that was the wrong approach; especially because I used the catalina on my own salad last night, and I certainly don’t need the fat-unfree version!

This could mark the end of “honey sauce,” which I just realized I probably never wrote about here before. Poor girl thinks that Olde Cape Cod Honey Dijon salad dressing is called “honey sauce.” Siena, do you want honey sauce on your salad? “Yes, more honey sauce please!” We’re hoping she’s not scarred for life once she starts getting actual honey on stuff. (It was easier to say than honey dijon salad dressing, and sounded more appetizing when we were first trying to get her to eat salad. Sue us.)

Anyway, “honey sauce” has been the salad topper to date, and with salad-ketchup now on the menu, it could be, “say goodbye to the yellow and hello to the red” from now on.


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