The Ruark Kids

Teaching Us Songs


Siena has been learning songs (and of course many other things) at school, things that her parents never heard or knew before. She is finally at an age where she remembers these well enough and for long enough that she is able to repeat them, in full, to us, which means that we are finally learning things from her.

The latest is the following little ditty (which Mama might need to correct if I remember it wrong). Sung, basically, to “Do your ears hang low:”

Did you ever go a-fishing on a bright and sunny day?
Did you see the little fishies going in and out the bay?
With their hands in their pockets and their pockets in their pants.
Did you ever see the fishies do the hoochie-koochie dance?
(something something) Splish Splash!
No more fishies!

As with other songs she’s learning, it comes with choreographed hand motions, too!


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