The Ruark Kids

Memorial Day Play Date


We all, including the dog, piled into the minivan and drove to Arlington (MA) on Memorial Day to hang out with our old friends Mark and Janette. Siena got to have a play date with their daughter, Emma, and Nalia got to have a play date with their pup, Cooper. The weather turned out delightful, and daddy even got a slight sunburn on his ever-increasing top-of-head no-hair zone. (It was late in the day and didn’t really seem that sunny!)

Mark and Janette keep their garden in great shape, so we were a little envious of how nice everything looked, but afterward we consoled ourselves that they don’t have quite as much overall land to take care of, so they can focus on a smaller area. Emma has a few outdoor play structures, including a small climbing/jungle-gym type contraption with two slides, and a toy sit-in car that she had just acquired that day from a relative. She and Siena very both very good taking turns sitting in the car, as seen below:

It should be noted, to provide a sense of scale, that while Emma is almost 3 months older than Siena, she is a good 10cm shorter. Emma’s been in the 25th percentile in height, whereas Siena was consistently been in the mid-90’s. Emma is seemingly fearless, especially compared to Siena’s apprehension around spiders and very small insects.

Oh and also, Siena’s sporting a fake smile, which she does for many photos now. It’s getting annoying. Emma, while quite aware of the camera and happy to stand there and have her picture taken (she must have a future as a paparazzi target), seems to show a natural smile for the camera, which makes it quite a bit easier.

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