The Ruark Kids

She caught the Katy


…and left me a sheep to ride.

Remarkably, after 1 year and 9 months of having a baby doll that Siena named, in her literal call-it-as-I-see-it way, “Baby,” she’s done a 180 and now has given the baby a name. We were playing on Sunday with some toys, and Siena closed the doll in a box. She then said, “Katie’s in there.” Given that Katie was not the known name of the doll, I was flummoxed. It wasn’t until repeated interrogation that I discovered Siena was calling the doll “Katie.”

I promptly told her to go into the dining room and inform Mama that the doll now had a name, which she did. “This is Katie.” We’ve randomly asked Siena over the past two days now what the doll’s name is, and Katie (or perhaps Katy) appears to have stuck. I’ve even referred to the doll as “Baby” and was corrected, “No it’s Katie!”

What’s interesting is we have no idea why she would’ve chosen now to give the doll a proper name, or why that particular name. It just sprang forth fully formed from her head like Athena from Zeus, and there it was.

We have subsequently discovered that Siena is sowing confusion at school, as at least one teacher now thinks we are calling baby #2 Katie. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. No, really. Given that Siena’s middle name is Katherine, it should be clear #2 will not be Katie. Right? Trust me. No slips of the tongue at home here.

This confusion at school follows the prior hilarity that most teachers were under the impression, thanks to Siena’s happily persistent insistence (you could say she’s a hard-headed woman), that we’d be naming the second kid “Sheep.”

Sheep Katie Ruark. Lovely, isn’t it? And the initials match Siena’s, too!

P.S. Title is the opening song of one of my favorite movies.

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