The Ruark Kids

Right Ear Advantage


Reported Tuesday in the Telegraph, this might explain why when I whisper a request such as, “Go give mama a hug and a kiss,” into Siena’s right ear (which typically is what naturally happens just given the physics of how I grab her and kneel down next to her), she seems more likely to do it than when I just ask her from a distance. Or maybe she likes the conspiratorial aspect of it.–talk-to-people-in-their-right-ear.html

In any event, it’s fun to ask her really quietly to do things so Mama doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Last night this resulted in a game a telephone, in which I told Siena to, “Go tell Mama good night and you love her,” and in which Siena subsequently walked up to Mama and whispered in her ear, “Night night night night night.” It took several attempts to get it right. And I had to tell Siena outside of Mama’s line of sight, since she (Mama) can probably read lips. That’s one of those hoodoo things they teach you in the Linguistics department.

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