The Ruark Kids

This is not that post


July seems to have been very slow, and then everything comes at you in a rush.

Siena, in a last-moment bid to keep the spotlight focused on her with the impending arrival of #2, decided that on the day before her baby sister is due to arrive, she would, for the first time, make it through the entire day keeping her pull-up dry. This even included a trip to the park and going out for dinner! Mo was there to celebrate the success, and we all cheered for Siena. Go girl!

We realize that she probably won’t repeat this again anytime soon, and there are plenty of wet pull-ups in our future; we also know that other kids Siena’s age are already pretty much done with their potty-training, including her cousin who seems to have cleared that hurdle just after she turned two. But for us, this was a big day. It was quite the (simple) gift of progression for Siena to give us on her guaranteed last day as only child.


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